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Customize & Procure our range of well-designed Printed Fabric, Garment Labels, Barcode Stickers, Labels, Hang Tags, etc. at cost-effective prices !

About Us
The Labels, Tags, Barcode Stickers and many more similar products have become a necessity in various sectors especially for logistics, storage & other purposes. To support the industries with such products, Fortune Inc. has been successfully serving as a manufacturer and exporter. We have earned huge respect in the market worldwide for supplying above mentioned and an array of Calico Bags, Printed Fabric, Garment Labels , Hang Tags, Shirt Cardboard and many other products. By supplying these valuable products as per required specifications of customers, we have cemented our name as one of most reliable firm. We are focused on providing a customers' satisfactory experience by delivering a trustworthy & on-time services with our range of products. For which, we function our processes in a customer-aligned manner. Our organization has received huge recognition by supplying these precisely-designed and finely finished range of products. Moreover, we are honored as one of the most reliable source of our range of products in the market. And, to efficiently maintain this position for a long time, we are striving day & night.

Pillared By Strong Teamwork
The dignified position which our organization holds is pillared by the support of a strong team work. We are a team of experienced members who are determined to ensure the growth & development of company with time. Our team members are highly skilled in their respective work and ensures the best solution to given problem. Each member understands his/her roles and responsibilities clearly and delivers their best to the organization. Besides this, our quality control team has fully maintained the quality of our each item such as Calico Bags, Printed Fabric, Garment Labels , Hang Tags, Shirt Cardboard, Labels, Barcode Stickers etc. And, we practice effective communication and management techniques to sustain the overall productivity. 

Our Focus Areas
We are aiming to be a leading company in our work domain, for which we have maintained our keen focus on specific areas. These focus areas help each team member to have clear vision for the organizational development & sustainability. These focus areas are:
  • To maintain transparency in organizational internal & external affairs.
  • To stay updated with customers demands and expectations from our services.
  • To maintain the quality of each item delivered & provide suitable packaging to it.
  • To ensure the delivery of each small, bulky as well as urgent orders within promised time.